On behalf of Pakistan Cardiac Society, we are pleased to inform that the Cardiology Department of Prof: Dr. Feroz Memon Professor of Cardiology Isra University Hospital Hyderabad, will be hosting the 21st Annual  Conference of Cardiology on December 24 - 26, 2010, under the auspices of the Pakistan Cardiac Society.
Background & History
Hyderabad Sindh, Former Capital of Sindh, the 3rd largest city of Pakistan and 2nd largest city of Sindh home to almost 2 million peoples is one of the oldest cities of so many ways and not so different from many other historic cities of the world in terms of fate and destiny.Hyderabad Sindh has been on the crossroads of various warriors, rulers and travelers and has benefited and suffered from time to time. Like Athens , Rome, Istanbul , Baghdad, Damascuc, Delhi, Cairo, London ; Hyderabad Sindh also stands tall and proud with full I force of modern day hustle and bustle to tell you the story of its past, present, and future to every visitor. It is also Cultural Capital and literary Capital of Sindh ; A city of Arists , Artisan , Writers, Poets , Politician and Activities. Nerve center of every mass movement in sindh.
The Great son of Hyderabad sindh; the General of the sindhi Army HOSH MUHAMMED SHEEDI SHSHEED foutht fiercely with Britisg till hiss last breath. British Army was shocked an
d very much impressed by his bravery the way he fought by carrying a cannon on his shoulders on the towers of Hyderabad fort. He was given official salute by British Army after his martyrdom.

Previously in pre-lslamic times Hyderabad was called as Neroon Kot. Sindhi words meaning place of neroon ruler of that time.
Sindhu river or river Indus in English has ruled and regulated sindh and Hyderabad socially, culturally, economically and politically. It has dedicated the fate of sindh and Hyderabad in war and peace times. Hyderbad and Sindh are so intertwined to each other that Hyderabad is called the Cultural Capital of SINDH and it has always been the major transportation hub due to its central location in sindh.

Hyderabad is city saints and Sufis and hundreds of shrines are scattered all over the city.

Places to Visit

1:Sindh Museum
2: institute of Sindhology (There are only 2 such kind of museums in the world one in Egypt and the other in Hyderabad Sindh).
3: Rani Bagh Zoological Gardens.
4: Almanzer Recreational Spot.
5: City Park
6: Tombs of Mirs and kalhoras.
7: Sindhi language authority
8: Handicraft stores selling traditional Sindhi arts and crafts including Sindhi JANDI Funtiure, embroidery, sindhi caps and jewellery.

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